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Jennifer Lopez & Marc Anthony Divorce After 7 Years of Marriage

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On July 15, 2011, Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony announced that they were separating and would be filing for divorce. The couple wed in 2004 and have three year old fraternal twins, Max and Emme.

Both J.Lo and Marc Anthony came into the marriage with substantial assets. It is unknown whether there was a prenuptial agreement, but there are rumors that the two wed without one. There will likely be many assets at issue in their divorce, including homes in Long Island, New York and Malibu, California. Depending on how long they spend at each residence, and where they are actually domiciled, the pair could file for divorce in either California or New York.

If J.Lo and Anthony file for divorce in California, a community property state, and if there is no prenuptial agreement, then their assets and income acquired during the marriage would likely be split 50/50.  Obviously, this analysis could change based on the details of their marriage.

Another major issue would be the custody of their twin children. Since the pair travel frequently for their careers, and may end up residing on opposite coasts, deciding the custody and visitation schedules for the kids may be an uphill battle.

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