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Supermodel Evangelista Requests $46,000 Monthly Child Support Payments From Child’s Father


Supermodel Linda Evangelista has a son with business man Francois-Henri Pinault, who is currently married to Salma Hayek. Last month, it was published that Pinault is indeed the father of the four year old boy and now, Evangelista has appeared before the New York family court to request monthly child support payments of $46,000.

That amount of money may seem unfathomable to some people, as it is the average annual income in many states. However, even though Evangelista has requested it does not mean that she will automatically receive it. She claims that the money will go to cover the around-the-clock nanny care and drivers who are retired police detectives. Obviously, the circumstances of celebrity divorces are significantly different than those of the average person.

When parties go to court to request child support, they must submit forms disclosing their financial status. They must include their expenses and different forms of income. Then, the court would take into consideration the amount of time that the child spends with each parent, each parent’s income and expenses and if the child has any special needs. Courts may also take into consideration the fact that a child is accustomed to a certain lifestyle.

If you have a child support or custody issue that you would like to discuss with an attorney, call Howard & Fei, LLP at 51.464.8083 for a consultation.



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